I picked last flower from my garden and said goodbye to summer. 
 Lost in autumn colours, I feel that the end of the year is near. It's time for hot tea, blanket, candle and movie.
During fall, everything is art! Every leaf, every scent . Telling goobye to summer, I made some pictures, for memories. Amiclubwear made my summer more beautiful with high quality and comfortable footwear. Comfortable shoes have always been 'must have' piece for me, and I found a perfect store. As you can see, they also look amazing ! It's a reeeealy big plus !
On their online page you can find lots of other cool things , plus you can track everyday new arrivals on their instagram profile . I have also an album on my pinterest, where you can check my wish list.

For me , october represents life, that's why I decided to share my birthday cake with you ! Let your life be a song, rhytm, melody and music. Enjoy every day of your life, and let the years be just the number. Life is as beautiful as much joy you put in it. Not every day is good, but there's something good in every day ! I love you...

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